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My first FAM Trip to KEPRI Lingga, Indonesia was amazing. I've got to experience being a locals, enjoying fresh seafood, sightseeing to wonderful places and many more. It was just for 4 days but I crossed few things in my bucket list within the span of time.

The Neptune Regatta
I had an amazing opportunity to travel abroad and being part of 4th Nongsa Neptune Regatta Sail to Lingga 2019. The only race boating event to the Equator, which Nongsa Point Marina set as starting point. On 7th February 2019, the Lay Day ceremony has been held at Batu Belubang village. Lay Day is basically Meet and Greet all participants with Ministry of Lingga Tourism. All participants welcomed with traditional dance, silat and served with fresh seafood after that. They are then got to experience traditional dancing call 'zapin' with the dancer. Other than dancing, they also enjoyed playing volley ball with the locals before depart back to Sekeling Island. Head of Lingga Tourism, Raja Fahrurazi in his speech, asked all participants if they could spread the words about wonderful Lingga, in hoping to attract people visiting Lingga which can increase local economy.

The Hidden Gems of Lingga
Indonesia well-known as the world biggest Archipelago, guaranteed with beautiful oceans, lush hills, cultural heritage and many more. Indonesia is composed of some 17,500 islands, of which more than 7,000 are uninhabited (McDivitt et. all, 2019). Through out my FAM Trip, I had an opportunity to explore part of hidden gems in Lingga from Batu Belubang cave, stunning sunset at Sekeling Island, exotic Resun waterfall, historical former site of Damnah Palace, and Mount Daik, the famous mountain that has three sharp peak as immortalised in the Malay poets.

Others event
I find Imlek festival in Pancur as a cultural attraction in Lingga. Imlek is an Indonesian name for Chinese calendar. Imlek similar to Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia and Singapore. What makes it exciting with Imlek festival in Pancur, regardless of ethnic, races and religious difference in the region, they are all together installed thousand lanterns throughout the area to celebrate Imlek festival.

The best thing about FAM Trip is building travel networks. As a librarian, its nature that I love sharing knowledge with others. We learned a lot by socialising with people, strengthen our social skills, and grow our inner confidence. Being socialise, it makes me appreciate what I have.

This FAM Trip was truly once in a lifetime opportunity to me. I never thought Lingga could be this fun and I've learned a lot from the trip. I would like to thank Indonesia Tourism for this opportunity.

Bae Roslan,
Selangor, Malaysia
February 2019

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