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.:: Make-up Tutorial #1 ::.

Hi there, today i just wanna share a make-up tutorial, and yes it's was not mine..haha. I know all female out there love painting their face. please be honest girls. ok, so do I, but yeah do we now the real I mean the right step to painting yourself? here I download a video that might help you girls and me also. Because as a female, what's the important thing to us is I right? oh, again...please be honest girls.haha. and with the power of internet, we can learn just for free. is that awesome right? ok let's just learn something from this video and apply it. yes, i mean you, you and you..lets check it out..

listen girls, mosturiser is soooo important ok. too bad i just realize it about month a go as im already 20+ y/o, and the secret for concealer is dap(is that a correct spelling) no rub in the steps pleaseeee.. i do think that this video is very-very help us as it is simple and just straight to the point. hopefully you guys learn something from it. thanks to Juli.

{Credit to Youtube}

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